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Kanban. Japanese for transparency. Toyota made it into a business skill. Trello uses it. So do we: When Time Warner Center was merely three months away from their Grand Opening, The Related Companies hired Roland de Fries to help coordinate a-million-and-one things design and creative: From getting high-end signage in place to coordinating the individual marketing presence of over forty retailers to launch campaign ads in the New York Times, to film and photo shoots like this one, showing a luscious lobby at One Columbus Circle awaiting its residents.

The beauty of a flexible, experienced team is that we integrate seamlessly with your existing relationships, vendors, et cetera... For Time Warner Center we worked with The Related Companies’ in-house departments, various vendors and off-site agencies such as Pentagram and Rubenstein PR, on-time and without missing a single beat. No need to replace an existing team that works, adding our expertise produces amazing results, case in point:

A 5-star job for a 5-star project, delivered with maximum kanban, ultra-smooth and ultra-successful.

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